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We are Gmicord Industrial Group, a 100% Nigerian Aluminium LongSpan and Steel Door Manufacturer.

What We Do

We offer fabrication, cathodic/galvanic protection by film galvanizing technology(zinganization) and industrial inspection services. We manufacture all types of aluminium long span roofing sheets and anti-corrosion services. We also manufacture Steel Doors.

Corrugated Alumnium Roofing

This subidiary is into corrugation of Longspan Aluminium and Printech Supergalum Roofing Sheets. Machines available in the factory are capable of corrugating "Conventional Longspan, Steptiles and Flashings".

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Nigerian Steel Doors

This subidiary is into manufacture of Steel Doors.

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Stucco Finish

Our beautiful selection of colours has a mable finish that can last for over 60years. These stucco finish textures can be used both inside and outside buildings. Create perfection with a beautiful Durock stucco finish!

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Latest Works